Monday, January 16, 2012

Kendall is One !!!

Kendall is one!
What a fun year I have had watching Kendall grow.  I met her and her family when she was just a tiny peanut, then I saw her again when she was an adorable 8 month old.

And now... she is ONE!

Now that she is one, she is on the move! It was fun to see Kendall in her own home with her own favorite things.  We started the session out with these great wooden letters.  We had something specific in mind for the letters, but Kendall had her own agenda! 

Her agenda did not really involve the letters! I am always willing to try to capture specific images, but one thing I have learned from photographing young kiddos is that often what I have in mind is not always part of their game plan.  The best thing to do is to just go with the flow... let them march right away from your plan, and you will end up with images like this...

or this...
Aren't those great?!  I just love her eyes in the first image!  What a cutie! Kendall is such a sweet girl.  It was fun watching her love on her adorable stuffed bear.

Just watching her taking wobbly steps and sitting in her over stuffed chair melted my heart!  I  really miss when my kiddos were this age!

Kendall loves books already (great job mom, dad and big sister!).  She snuggled up in her big chair and dove into her favorite book.

It wasn't long before Kendall's big sister wanted to sneak in and read to her a bit.  These sister images really make me happy...

I like them because they are not the typical "smile at the camera" photos.   I can look at them and hear Mallory teaching her little sister about her favorite princess Cinderella? I like being able to see their relationship through the image. After story time, it was CAKE TIME!!!  Yeaaaa!

Once her tummy was getting full of cake and she had moved on to eating it off of her foot, we knew it was time to move on to the bath.

Ahh...all clean! You have got to love this little bunny!

Thanks Kendall for letting me share in your first year!  I hope I get a chance to see you (and your family) again when you are two!