Sunday, February 28, 2010

Scavenger Hunt: Nostalgia

NOSTALGIA- Sentimental recollection: a mixed feeling of happiness, sadness and longing when recalling a person, place or event from the past or the past in general or Homesickness: a longing for home or family when away from either.

On Saturday morning at 5AM I had a six year old alarm clock tapping my arm saying, "Mom, my throat hurts." I rubbed my eyes a bit in an attempt for clarity and responded saying, "Oh no, not again! OK, come on lets see what we can do..."

So, this weekend we stayed around home. We had pillows on the couch, and we had a 6 year old bundled in her favorite jammies and wrapped in blankets made by grandma and great grandma. She has taken a lot of Tylenol and ibuprofen and snuggled with her favorite stuffed animal. She received a plastic perler bead heart and homemade cards from her favorite and only four year old sister. We tried distraction with movies and our favorite books. We attempted to have a tea party, we have taken our temperature a lot, and we purchased every soft and cool food or drink available.
Finally, we went to urgent care (yup, strep throat again).

Being ill really makes you miss home, and all of the special things your mom or dad will do to make you feel better. It is amazing how mom's soup or dad's snuggle can make you feel better. I love how my mom has cared for me my whole life whenever I have been ill. In fact, I think she may feel worse when I am ill than I actually do... and now, I love that I am able to be there for my own daughters in the same way.

This image is my NOSTALGIA photograph for this week. It is a collection of things that we had at our home this weekend in an attempt to make a sad little six year old feel better. The more I looked at all of these items, the more I remembered the days when I was little and had the flu and how my parents would love and take care of me. There is nothing better than the security of a parent's love. Years from now, I can only hope my daughter will have similar memories of these days and she will do the same thing for her children as I am doing for her and my mom did for me...
Next week the assignment for the scavenger hunt is... Reflections – Reflected image: the image of somebody or something that appears in a mirror or other reflecting surface or Considered idea: an idea or thought, especially one produced by careful consideration.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Look Who is One!

Time flies! I can not believe that little Brooke is already one! Her family selected my "Watch Me Grow" Package, so we had three sessions during her first year. I have to say that this package is my absolute favorite! I love spending so much time with one family during such an amazing time of life. I get to watch these little ones like Brooke grow from this......To this...TO THIS!!!!!!!! Seriously... How cute is she?!?!?!?Click on these links if you would like to see more from this cutie patootie's newborn or her six month session. One thing I loved about this last session was all of the sides of Brooke's BIG personality she let me see! She could use her serious look to peer right into my heart.I learned a lot about her likes and dislikes. For instance, I learned that she likes her baby doll.... actually "like" may be an understatement!She loves cake,a gal after my own heart!!And, she totally adores her mommy. I think that feeling is mutual!
She is definitely daddy's little girl as well.I loved her Beautiful handmade shoes.... This photo sums up a one year old girl to me.... delicate little shoes with soft leather soles and big pink bows.... ruffles on your pants.... and a Tu Tu! LOVE IT!This family is just beautiful, and this little one is so lucky to have her big brother and sister who are going to take care of her.... tease her... and love her for the rest of her life.What a fun year it has been for me to watch this family grow. It has been a complete pleasure to meet these kiddos and become friends with them. I hope to see them again throughout the years!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Scaveneger Hunt: Pain... Part Two

This past weeks scavenger hunt was quite challenging... the topic was Pain-Something that causes pain, but is not a person. This was a very challenging topic for me, and surprisingly enough ended up being quite an emotional post. If you missed it, click here for my portrait of pain.

I wanted to share one photograph with you that Lisa submitted. I have known Lisa for years and last year I had the opportunity to photograph her family with their newest edition. If you want to see some of the photos from that session of her beautiful family, click on her name!

Lisa has done ballet for practically her whole life, now... I am not sure what she is going to do. She has three boys.... and I mean BOYS! I am not sure they will ever be doing ballet, but when she thought about this scavenger hunt, she came up with this image.Isn't it perfect!? I love it! It completely shows her dedication and devotion to ballet and also the pain that a ballerina in pointe shoes goes through! Thank you for submitting this image!

Next week the assignment is.... NOSTALGIA- Sentimental recollection: a mixed feeling of happiness, sadness and longing when recalling a person, place or event from the past or the past in general or Homesickness: a longing for home or family when away from either.

If you want to participate, send me your image to and I will include some of them on the blog! Don't be shy! I have had a couple of great shoots and some other exciting news about Sara Montgomery Photography that I have yet to share with you, so stay posted! Have a great week!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scavenger Hunt: Pain-Something That Causes Pain But Is Not A Person

How do you take a photograph of pain? How can you portray the feeling of your heart breaking or your soul crying? How do you portray the loss of words and the numbness pain can cause in a simple image? I thought about this all week long and wondered how I could express so much emotion, especially without a person as the subject of the photo. I tried my best... Can you feel and see "pain" in this long and weathered staircase? I thought I could, until Friday. Friday I came home and checked my email...Now...Now I feel pain. My dear friend.... I am praying for you.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Photography Scavenger Hunt: Lock or Something Locked

I was so lucky last week. I spent the week in Miami Beach, Florida. We arrived right when the Superbowl was starting. We stayed at the AMAZING Fontainebleau resort. They were hosting the New Orleans Saints... so needless to say, there was not much rest to be had on super bowl Sunday! I spent 5 nights relaxing on the beach, by the pool, walking the board walk, going to the spa... ahhhhhh how relaxing. We have never left our kiddos for more than a night, and have not gone away since our honeymoon (nine years ago) so we were over due! We were SO lucky to have my wonderful mother stay with our girls, and I think they hardly noticed we were gone, which made the trip even better! Now the only bad part is that my luggage is still in Wichita, Kansas (I have no idea how it even got there, I flew threw Atlanta!!!)

I am using this trip as my excuse for not taking a photo for the Scavenger Hunt last week, which I must say was one of the more challenging topics. It was, "How I see myself (today)". Check out Connie or Cheryl's blogs to see what image they took to portray this. They did not let you down!!!

This week the assignment was A LOCK OR SOMETHING LOCKED. When I was relaxing on the beach I saw this....I was shocked to find this old rusty lock on the beach in Miami... I thought it was quite fitting for this week. If you like locks, you should check out Jessica Claire's fine art photography. She has a whole selection of Lock Images. Connie took a ton of amazing images of locks this week as well, be sure to stop by her blog and see them all.

Next week the topic is... (drum roll)... PAIN - SOMETHING THAT SHOWS PAIN, BUT IS NOT A PERSON . I would love to see your images and share some of them on the blog! Email me your images to .

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Family Is An Amazing Thing

A family is an amazing thing. The love is sort of unexplainable. How can you express how much you love your child and what you would do for him. How can you explain what it means to have a spouse for your best friend, someone who knows your thoughts without you saying anything at all? What is better than a mother's love for her son?What can you compare to the relationship between a father and son?How can you even dream of making that family any better? I know the answer to that question.....

Add a baby girl to the equation! This little cutie... Ben... is going to be a big brother! I hope this little girl is ready for her big brother! He will keep her on her toes! I am sure they will play a lot of hide and seek...He will teach her to climb...He will probably get a little frustrated with her at times!...He will definitely be able to make her smile and laugh...and maybe... just maybe he will share his chocolate cupcake with her...O.K.... maybe not!!!...I had a wonderful time with this soon to be family of four! I am so excited for your new blessing that will be arriving this month!
God Bless your family and your new baby girl!