Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Family Is An Amazing Thing

A family is an amazing thing. The love is sort of unexplainable. How can you express how much you love your child and what you would do for him. How can you explain what it means to have a spouse for your best friend, someone who knows your thoughts without you saying anything at all? What is better than a mother's love for her son?What can you compare to the relationship between a father and son?How can you even dream of making that family any better? I know the answer to that question.....

Add a baby girl to the equation! This little cutie... Ben... is going to be a big brother! I hope this little girl is ready for her big brother! He will keep her on her toes! I am sure they will play a lot of hide and seek...He will teach her to climb...He will probably get a little frustrated with her at times!...He will definitely be able to make her smile and laugh...and maybe... just maybe he will share his chocolate cupcake with her...O.K.... maybe not!!!...I had a wonderful time with this soon to be family of four! I am so excited for your new blessing that will be arriving this month!
God Bless your family and your new baby girl!


Connie said...

These are great Sara!! They make you feel happy!

Suzy said...

A most beautiful family...inside and out! Great photos :-)