Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Blessing Delivered

Do you remember this gorgeous mommy to be? I had the opportunity to capture some beautiful shots of her one month before she gave birth to her sweet little boy. Click **HERE** if you would like to see some more of Brie's maternity shoot.
The past few months have been pretty busy for Sara Montgomery Photography. I have tons of new photos that I would love to show you. Be patient with me!! One of the greatest honors I have had lately has been invitations to come to the hospital to photography newborns within their first 24 hours of life. Here is Kason, Brie's adorable little boy, in the hospital just one day old. I think it is so important to capture these shots. These babes change before your eyes when they are this young... and there is just something sweet about seeing those tiny little ankle bands, the little hats, and seeing them all bundled up. What a blessing Kason is to his parents!
Kason is about two months old now, and I went out to their home to capture some shots of the entire family. I was excited to see what kind of a young man he has grown into in the past two months. What a beautiful family!!!
Brie seems to be a natural at motherhood. She is wide eyed, elated, calm, and thrilled with each little coo. She is doing a fabulous job at rolling with the punches and not letting the little things get to her. Even when Kason filled her hand with a wet little gift during the shoot she only laughed.There is something so sweet about seeing a first time dad spend time with their new child. They become so soft, so amazed and so proud. This daddy is going to do a fabulous job! Kason, your parents adore you. Keep letting them gaze into your sweet eyes.... let them hold your soft hands....And please, please for the sake of your momma... keep on sleeping as much as possible!