Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Gift That Takes Your Breath Away

Meet Brie......and her Baby!!!I am so lucky to know Brie. She is a wonderful friend of mine from my world at the hospital. We work together in the operating room. Brie and her husband are almost ready to welcome their new son into the world. If you ask her, I think that she would say that she was ready to welcome him a couple of weeks ago! I think that everyone feels pretty much the same toward the end of their pregnancy... you can hardly breath when you think about what an amazing gift will soon be in your arms, not only that, but there is usually an elbow or foot right under your rib making it difficult to take any deep breaths!Pregnancy... what a miracle...the beginning of live, the beginning of family, the beginning of parenting... the most wonderful challenge and gift that god can bless any family with. I was so excited to capture these beautiful images of Brie. I can not wait for her to look at these photos years from now or even one month from now and try to remember how if was to have that precious little one growing in her tummy.What a privilege it was to spend this time with Brie... She is so beautiful, and she is so excited to have this new addition to her family. This will be her first child, and I know she will be a wonderful mother. Her love for life, her kindness and her wonderful laugh will surely be a blessing for her as she jumps into her new adventure with her husband as parents. I can not wait to meet this new little boy. Congratulations Brie!

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Amanda Mays said...

love these sara great job!