Monday, August 4, 2008

Turning one can be so much fun!

Do you remember baby Adeline? I had the pleasure of taking her photo when she was five months old.

Click **HERE** to see more photos from that session. I had so much fun photographing her... I got some of my favorite baby toes photos at that shoot. Now little Adeline is one, and I was honored to have her parents invite me to capture memories for them at her first birthday party.
It was a little overwhelming at first for little Adeline... turning one can be a little stressful. She clung onto her daddy. She loves her daddy, and her daddy loves her as well. I have a photo from our first shoot of Adeline and her daddy in my Father's Day post. He was just in awe of his perfect little girl... she is one now, and nothing has changed. I love seeing little ones explore their cake. They are finally given freedom to eat sweets, often times this is a first for them... what holds them back? Some day I will have to show you a photo of my Olivia when she turned one... then the answer for her to that question is nothing! Nothing could slow her down... she ate and ate and ate until we peeled the cake out of her pudgy little hands. Little Adeline had more self control than Olivia! She seemed to explore her cake with a little more time and grace.You did not need to be one to enjoy this great party. They pulled out all of the stops for this event. They had a giant jumpy house for the bigger kids to enjoy. There was a fabulous little girl who could jump like no one I have ever seen before. Amazingly enough she said she is not a gymnast.... she should be!

How about the loot in this pinata! I have never, NEVER seen such good treats in a pinata... there was hello kitty lip gloss, toy soldiers, chocolate, confetti, chocolate, and did I mention chocolate. Notice how full the goodie bags are and how much loot is still left to be collected.Little Adeline had the most beautiful traditional Korean dress. Her grandmother had it for her, and she looked like a little doll in it.I love the details in this dress, and I love the contast of the pearls on her dark hair. It has been so much fun to watch this little girl grow. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of her day.

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