Monday, November 12, 2007

Love those toes

Is there anything better than baby toes? So soft, so perfect. I can not get enough of them! Little ones change so quickly.... it seems like yesterday that my own kiddos were this little... I am so thankful to have photos. I never want to forget these special days and memories! I had the opportunity to take some shots of little Adeline this past weekend. She is such a sweetheart! Look at her beautiful toes!

Adeline's parents completely adore her. It is so obvious that with their love this little girl is going to grow into an amazing person! It was such a pleasure to be in their home and shoot photos for them. They have not had photos taken of her before so I felt quite privileged to have the opportunity to capture the beauty of their little girl and the love they have for her!


Kaia Busch said...

You did a great job capturing her smile!

MJNguyen said...

Sara! Your photos are so special to us! They literally brought tears to our eyes! Thank you for sharing your talent!