Sunday, November 25, 2007

Boys Will Be Boys

This weekend I had a chance to do a shoot with a great family! Brydon and Jake were the stars of the day. They totally crack me up! They are 5 year old twins, all about boys and boy stuff, and great friends. They made me laugh about as much as they made each other laugh. I will let you imagine for yourself what they answered when I asked them what we should talk about...

I have known these boys since the day they were born. It is so much fun to watch them grow into their own personalities. Brydon (above) is the ham. He knows just what to say to get everyone laughing. Jake (below) is a tad more serious, but just can not help but laugh and thoroughly enjoy his brother's humor.
These two little boys are complete heart breakers.... even though we did talk a lot about boogers! It was a great afternoon and a privilege to take photos for the this family! Thank you Chris and Stace!

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Mary Ann and Al said...

I love these boys, too! They have a very special Mom and Dad! Loved the pictures.