Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Celebrating The Life Of Alivia

Last week, I had a life changing experience.  I was asked to take photos for a family who was preparing to send their tiny 6 month old to heaven.  When I heard about this family and their little baby, Alivia, my heart just stopped. Honestly, I can NOT even begin to imagine what it would be like to be forced to place your child into God's hands.  My emotions were running all over the place, I was angry for them, sad for them, confused as to why this sort of thing even has to happen at all... and then I walked into their home.  I saw a family of faith, a home full of love, and two parents handling the worst situation in the world with more grace than I can even describe.

Last Monday night I was blessed to meet Alivia.
What an amazing little girl.
Last Wednesday, just two days after these images were taken, Alivia passed away.
Please take time to look through these images.... appreciate the beauty of this little girl and the meaning that her short sweet life can have upon your own life and family.
See the love in her parents...
Hear the love and laughter of her sisters...
Pray for her family...
Even though you may not have known her, let her touch your soul.
 Let Alivia remind you to love your family.
 Let Alivia remind you to hug your children.
 Let Alivia remind you not to take one moment of your life or your health for granted.
I would like to thank Alivia's parents for allowing me into their home, it was one of the greatest honors I have ever been blessed with.  Meeting Alivia changed my life.  I will pray for you... your family... and your children.

Please feel free to leave a note or a prayer in the comments for Alivia's family.

Enjoy this slide show and celebrate the life of this beautiful little girl!