Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Celebrating The Life Of Alivia

Last week, I had a life changing experience.  I was asked to take photos for a family who was preparing to send their tiny 6 month old to heaven.  When I heard about this family and their little baby, Alivia, my heart just stopped. Honestly, I can NOT even begin to imagine what it would be like to be forced to place your child into God's hands.  My emotions were running all over the place, I was angry for them, sad for them, confused as to why this sort of thing even has to happen at all... and then I walked into their home.  I saw a family of faith, a home full of love, and two parents handling the worst situation in the world with more grace than I can even describe.

Last Monday night I was blessed to meet Alivia.
What an amazing little girl.
Last Wednesday, just two days after these images were taken, Alivia passed away.
Please take time to look through these images.... appreciate the beauty of this little girl and the meaning that her short sweet life can have upon your own life and family.
See the love in her parents...
Hear the love and laughter of her sisters...
Pray for her family...
Even though you may not have known her, let her touch your soul.
 Let Alivia remind you to love your family.
 Let Alivia remind you to hug your children.
 Let Alivia remind you not to take one moment of your life or your health for granted.
I would like to thank Alivia's parents for allowing me into their home, it was one of the greatest honors I have ever been blessed with.  Meeting Alivia changed my life.  I will pray for you... your family... and your children.

Please feel free to leave a note or a prayer in the comments for Alivia's family.

Enjoy this slide show and celebrate the life of this beautiful little girl!


Unknown said...

wow. Very touching, thank you for sharing.

lindsey spaulding said...

I am so thankful that you came to us. These are beautiful pictures and your beautiful words made them even better. I cried, but they are tears of joy in knowing that God had a plan for her. And you were a part of that plan. I dont know if you remember us telling you, but we had an appointment to get pictures done that day. But had to cancel because she got so sick. Then came you. You are our blessing in these final days of heartbreak. Thank you so much for taking the time to come to us, and taking these amazing photos of our beautiful Angel . God bless you.

Tammy Jo Smith said...

Amazing.....Sara Montgomery, you just photographed a Lifetime of Beautiful Memories for Alivia's Family.! I myself have been in that families position in 1984 my daughter passed away, at the age of 2 1/2 years old...I wish I would have had something like this done.To Alivia's family, there is no greater sorrow than the loss of your child, always know that she is at peace now, and will be watching over you for the rest of your lives. She is a beautiful lil' angel that Heavenly Father had a reason to bring her home, I am writing this today on the 3rd anniversary of my niece's passing,(Taylor Nicole Weeks) Aura Mae's cousin. Life was cut too short for all of these girls.They couldn't be in a better place, than in the Lords hands ! My Thoughts & Prayers are with you & your families. Stay Blessed ♥

Anonymous said...


I believe that you were brought to our family and your beautiful talent of capturing moments in time. As they say "a picture say's a thousand words" As Alivia's Nana I can tell you that not only was she a beautiful child she had a strong beautiful spirit. Many times in my life I have taken for granted time, my health and family members that are no longer with us. Alivia brought me the gift of gifts-life is truly short, embrace it. What we do in this precious time we are given counts, it matters. I feel so blessed that Chris, lindsey, Alaina, Maggie and the extended family and friends were given the time with this angel that we were given. I will forge forward and hopefully continue to spread awareness of Alivia's condition so that her physical time here on earth was not in vain. Anyone that met Alivia wheather it was her doctors, nurses or strangers fell in love with this angel so her spirit has touched to many to count. I am forever changed through my time with her and not just because I am her Grandmother but because there was something very intensely magical about her. I thank you and thank God for the gift.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl! Thank you Alivias family for sharing these precious photos. May god bless your family, and may she always bring you happy thoughts. I'm so sorry that she endured so much in her young age. What an amazing child she must have been!

Terri Premo-Peaphon said...

I had the honor of meeting Alivia and her family while she was in the hospital for the last time. She touched my heart in a way I have never experienced before. I am an experienced RN and work with Mom's and babies everyday. This little girl fought so hard, lived for such a short time and touched the lives and hearts of so many people. This photo tribute to her life is such a special thing to share. My hope is that her family will gain comfort from these pictures today and for the rest of their lives. She was very special and will be remembered fondly forever.

Unknown said...

I've been searching for the words to adequately thank you for these pictures. I don't think they exist. My son, Alivia's dad, prayed for the strength to gracefully hand his daughter over to God. Your pictures not only captured how gracefully the entire family embraced Alivia's dying, but they will forever allow us to celebrate Alivia's living. Thank you for your beautiful pictures and words.
1 Peter 5:10.
Debie Spaulding

Sara Montgomery said...

Thank you all for such beautiful words. My heart is full! It was such an honor and blessing for me to share these images of Alivia, her life, and her family. You should not be thanking me... I should be thanking you! I can not imagine going through what Lindsey and Chris have been through, or you either Tammy Jo... you all will remain in my prayers. Thank you Alivia for reminding me to cherish every moment of this life I have been blessed with!

Cyndi said...

Wow, thank you for sharing these images of this lovely little angel.
Please let Lyndsay and her family know, little Alivia HAS indeed impacted other lives beyond her immediate circle of loved ones.
She has touched my life. I will forward this on, and her pureness and beauty will live on. Thank you, Sara, you did a beautiful job of capturing the love in that family, and the beauty of that amazing little angel. Wow.
I pray that Lindsey and the rest of Alivia's family will welcome God's healing & comfort. I also pray for Alivia's little angelic soul. What a beauty.

Julie said...

What a beautiful celebration of this precious life. My prayers are with the family. Thank you for sharing Alivia's story, because it is a very special message to all of us. Peace to you as you grieve and heal.

Lisa said...

WOW!! amazing pictures of a amazing little Princess and her family! Heartbreaking Stuff!! My heart goes out to the Spauldings xxx