Monday, August 29, 2011

Kendall - Watch Me Grow Session Two

Summer has finally found the northwest.  Now... it may have only lasted one week, but it was here!  I was glad to have one of those great summer mornings set aside for Kendall and her family on their second of three sessions in a "Watch Me Grow" package that they purchased for Kendall's first year.

Kendall's mom introduced me to a great location in Puyallup and I just loved the images we got when we were there.  Kendall is 8 months old now, and even though she is a little peanut, she has an enormous spirit that shines through in all of her photos!

Look who is standing... she is going to be on the move soon!
I love the quietness of this next image, and I wonder what she may have been thinking.
(She was probably thinking..."I hope this crazy photographer can see that little snake over there and does NOT put me down by it!")  Thank goodness Kendall's mom has good eyes and  kept her safe.... Sorry Kendall!!!

We used their second session to get some great images of everyone in the family.

OK, here is a secret for getting a good family photo when you have little ones running around who may or may not be interested in taking photos? Have the parents sit down somewhere for some photos of themselves.  Tell the kids it is not their turn... make them wait a minute. Not only does this give you a chance to get some great images of the couple, but usually the kids just can not stay away. 

Once they think that it is not their turn to be in the photo, it is exactly where they want to be... reverse psychology... works every time... well all right, it works sometimes!

Do you remember Kendall's sister Mallory?  She is such a cutie!  When you look through these few images of her, you can really her personality.  You just have to love all of these!

During the session we had this spring, Kendall was not completely thrilled with taking photos with her sister that day.  Now, don't get me wrong, I loved the images but, I think her parents will just love these new images we captured of these two sweet sisters!  What do you think?

And of course, we got some great shots of the kiddos with each of their parents as well.


I have to leave you with this last image from the session.  It is my favorite!  Thanks again to this wonderful family for a great session!  See you when Kendall is one!  I can't wait!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE, love, love these photos! I can't wait to have them all to look at. Thanks for being so patient with us/mallory!