Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Soccer and Cartwheels... A Family On The Go!

I am really excited about this post.  I am not sure if it is because I love the way the images turned out or if it is because I had so much fun.  And of course something ridiculous happened... I will tell you about that in a minute!

What a great family this is!  
They had a very busy day, but you never would have known it.  They were calm and full of fun.  Did I mention that they are crazy soccer fanatics?!  
They came from their son's soccer game... in which he scored two goals!  Maybe he is a future Seattle Sounder!  He is such a great kid!  So laid back.... he was willing to do what ever I asked of him.  This is not typical for guys his age!  What a great sport!
His parents love black and white images, but I just had to leave some in color!  His shirt and his eyes look so great in this image I could not change it!
Not only is he a great soccer player, but he is a great brother as well!  These two siblings were a crack up!  They got along great, and I loved watching them tease each other.  It was the good kind of teasing where everyone is still happy at the end.  LOL!  
I am sure their parents would say that this is not always the case, but for this day, I was very impressed!
After the sibling shots were over... The men had to head off to the second soccer game of the tournament.  Now, I was not excited to see them go, but it did give me a chance to get some some images that are going down in my book of favorites!
This little cutie is a ball of energy!  
I think that she could probably do 1,000 cartwheels without even being out of breath.  If you are wondering how I know, it is because I made her do about 900 for me!
This is a great shot of one of her many cartwheels, but when we started talking about the amazing graffiti garages they have in Tacoma, I thought it would be a blast to take some images of her there as well... and so that is where we headed.
Isn't that a GREAT image!  I LOVE IT!!!   This little jumping bean's mom said that if she had one photo of her doing a cartwheel she would be happy.  I can NOT wait to hear what she thinks of these!
So what do you think of the black and white?  I really like it.  I like that we can see her face and I LOVE the expression she is making.  This image just makes me feel all sorts of things... how about you? OK... so I told you I did something ridiculous right... well... I had her sit in the corner of this garage so I could get a few images of her by a great window.  She complained that it smelled and her mom and I just teased her a bit and asked her to stick it out just for a minute (you have to sacrifice for a great photo right?).

Well, quickly I realized that sitting there was not an option and we moved her over in front of some other art that she said she liked.  I sent her mom in to investigate the smell (of course I could not do it, are you kidding me?).  Now, I actually think I will leave the rest of this story up to your imagination, but I will say that it was disgusting, and I love the images that we got when we all realized what had happened.  Her mother informed her of her findings and she could not control her laughter.... she made us all laugh!
I would like to thank this family for a wonderful afternoon!  I hope the second soccer game went well and I hope you love these photos as much as I do!

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TMKids said...

I can't tell which I love more - the hilarious story, or the reaction of her to what was discovered! You did such an amazing job capturing the wonderful energy of this family - so many lovely shots!