Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meet Spencer, a Bonney Lake Senior!

Meet Spencer.  He is one of my husband's cousins.  I spent some time at their home and then out at their lake property for his senior session. 
It almost made me cry when his mom reminded me that he was just a couple of months old when my husband graduated from high school.  Man, I am starting to feel old!! Time flies!
Only a small walk from Spencer's house we found this beautiful tree.  I had him go over close to the tree for a few shots.  I took one image...  then I saw something strange on his pant leg.  When I looked closer I saw ANTS crawling up his leg!  I am not talking about a couple of ants, he was standing right in the middle of a huge nest and his pant leg was changing from denim to black before my eyes!!!  I screamed and yelled, "AAANNNNNTTTSSSS," and if I am remembering correctly, both his mother and I were hitting him with what ever we had in our hands to try to remove those pesky things! When his mom and I stood back, Spencer sort of looked at us like we were a bit looney and then calmly just reached down and picked off the remaining critters....  what a girl I am! Needless to say, I did not have him go back by that tree again!
Did I mention that Spencer's arm is broken!?  What a trooper!  He did not need a cast, but was supposed to be COMPLETELY resting it so it could heal.  Resting his arm meant he was banned from his favorite activity, his guitar.  Luckily, his mom said he could play just a little this one time for the sake of the photos!  Thanks Laura, because I love these images!
Spencer and a few of his buddies are trying to put together a band.  They practice out of his garage... I love the way these images look.  They are exactly what I would imagine for a garage band! Too bad the other band members were not there!
After the guitar, we headed out to the lake.  Spencer has spent many summer days and nights at the lake.  It was fun to make it part of our day as well.
Thank you Spencer for a fun afternoon, and more importantly, thank you for the concert and thank you for not charging me with assault when your mom and I attempted to save your life from the ants.  Congratulations on your graduation! 

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Very nice pictures!