Saturday, May 21, 2011

Part Two: The Little Brother and New Grad!

Part two.... Spencer.  Spencer is just getting ready to graduate from high school.  Do you remember that time in your life?  I loved it.  I loved that "I've got the world at my fingertips" feeling.  Spencer is right there. 
Like I mentioned in part one... Spencer and his sister have a wonderful relationship.
This shot cracks me up... the "11" is perfect to remember this year, but I also love how Kira's side is girly and organized, while Spencer's side is completely crazy!
One of the best parts about this brother-sister shoot was that they both goof off A LOT!  It was so much fun!
Spencer is not a huge fan of the cap and gown attire... but he was a great sport.  Like most guys his age, he sported jeans and flip flops under the gown.  I will not mention what he threatened to wear under his gown for graduation!
In these next shots, I tried something a bit different. After talking to Spencer about what he might like in an image, I pulled all of the color out of the graffiti and gave it and older/aged look.  I think they turned out great!
And off to the beach....
Spencer, thank you for a fun morning and for being such a great sport!  Have a GREAT graduation! 

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Leanne said...

Yet another GREAT set of pictures!! Thank you sooooo much Sara!!! Love you - Leanne