Friday, August 15, 2008

Marriage and A New Family

I was so impressed with the marriage of Jessi and Travis. They focused on being relaxed, ensuring that all of their kids were completely comfortable with the marriage, and the combination of their two families. What a fabulous job they did. These kids were wonderful. They were happy, relaxed and totally fun to be around!
This is Finnley... what a cutie. Finnley was shy for ummm about 20 seconds! I loved seeing him smile. He is just so sweet, and was so proud to be a ring bearer.
Alesia... she was ummmm not shy at all. She was so happy, thrilled to be wearing her dress, honored to be a flower girl and completely in love with her new family.
Meet Alex. I loved that Alex was able to hang out, be himself, climb trees, and just enjoy the day as he celebrated his family.
Here is Aunia, she is the teenager of the group. What a sweet girl. She helped with all of the details and the set up. I loved that she asked for a photo with her dad (what teen does that!!) She is a great girl.
These kids made this day so amazing. They were so happy and supportive of their parents, what an honor it was to be a part of this day. Photos of the bride and groom are coming soon!

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