Sunday, January 31, 2010

Photography Scavenger Hunt: Beloved

This week the topic for the scavenger hunt was "BELOVED". There is one specific image that I took of a client that kept popping up in my head. I have never shared this image before because it is such an intimate moment between a mother and child, but when I thought about what BELOVED means, I am not sure how I could express it better than sharing this image.This beautiful baby boy would reach up and twirl his mommy's hair when he was nursing. His eyes just stared up into his mommy's face. It was so beautiful, and I was so honored to be able to share in it with this mother. The love between a mother and child, what could be more pure?

This next image was submitted by Cheryl. I love this image. What a beautiful little girl, and WOW... look at those lashes! This image is so quiet and serene, her parent's will cherish this image forever!Next weeks topic is: How I see myself (today)... These topics get more and more challenging every week! Please take time to think this one through, there are many different ways you could portray this. With that being said, phewww... this one could be hard! It can be (and will be for me!!!) difficult to make yourself vulnerable with an image like this. Please continue to submit your images for the scavenger hunt! Be brave, and send your image to .

Make sure to head over to Connie's site to see her "Beloved" image!


Connie said...

Beautiful Sara... and Cheryl!

BHL photography said...

Sara, this is so fun. I have been looking forward to the results! I had a "beloved" pic in mind but couldn't get it together due to a certain massive remodel going on in our house. I'll keep reading and maybe one day I'll be brave and send one in! Hope everything is going well!