Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photography Scavenger Hunt: Stripes

OK, so I think I am really going to like this photography scavenger hunt. I was thrilled to have a couple of people email me their "stripes" images, and I will share those with you in this post. I thought all week about what type of "stripe" image I wanted to take... and I kept coming back to the same thing, so I went with it.

Here is my favorite "STRIPE" image.
Now... what I think I like most about this image is how I got it. And, what I like maybe more than the image itself is the emotions that it stirs in me. My girls are at the age right now that everything is done in rainbows. They even sometimes say their favorite color is rainbow. Every picture they draw has a rainbow... their jeans have rainbows on the pockets... they have rainbow stickers and stamps... rainbow lip gloss... and the list goes on and on and on.
In these images, they are both wearing a pair of rainbow Baby Legs (which they also LOVE, and were actually both featured in one of their catalogs about a year ago). What little girl doesn't need a pair of rainbow leg warmers, they are great! My girls keep growing up and getting older... I just want them to freeze, and it is not working for me even when I ask them to stop! These photos, will HOPEFULLY help me keep the memories of their youth alive forever. When I look at this simple image of their colorful legs, I will remember their toes and their rainbows... I will remember them playing peak a boo...
I will hear them giggling... I will see them being silly... I will hear them telling stories...
And... I will remember the love between two sisters.Now, enough about me and my images. I was THRILLED to have a couple of photos submitted for this weeks "stripes" assignment. Check out this image...
This great leaf image was sent to me by an amazing woman, my mom! She has always loved photography and takes great photos! This one was taken in Florida, and I love it. The whole frame is filled with these huge green stripy leaves. Wonderful shot! What a great idea for this weeks theme!

Rachel sent in this next image of her adorable boys in STRIPED shirts!
I love this image of these brothers. It is amazing how she captured each one of their personalities in one shot! Great soft lighting and beautiful brown eyes! Way to go Rachel!

Thanks to everyone for participating! Next weeks topic is BELOVED . Start thinking about it now.... Email me ( your favorite image and I will feature some of them on the blog! Be sure to head over to Connie Riggio Photography to see the fun "stripes" image she featured this week.

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Connie said...

SO CUTE SARA!!!!! I love them all. This is so much fun! Thanks for getting others images up on your site too, that just makes it even better! I will add a link to your blog too and keep doing that every Sunday! I was late this week, but I won't be again (hope I don't eat those words).