Saturday, February 13, 2010

Photography Scavenger Hunt: Lock or Something Locked

I was so lucky last week. I spent the week in Miami Beach, Florida. We arrived right when the Superbowl was starting. We stayed at the AMAZING Fontainebleau resort. They were hosting the New Orleans Saints... so needless to say, there was not much rest to be had on super bowl Sunday! I spent 5 nights relaxing on the beach, by the pool, walking the board walk, going to the spa... ahhhhhh how relaxing. We have never left our kiddos for more than a night, and have not gone away since our honeymoon (nine years ago) so we were over due! We were SO lucky to have my wonderful mother stay with our girls, and I think they hardly noticed we were gone, which made the trip even better! Now the only bad part is that my luggage is still in Wichita, Kansas (I have no idea how it even got there, I flew threw Atlanta!!!)

I am using this trip as my excuse for not taking a photo for the Scavenger Hunt last week, which I must say was one of the more challenging topics. It was, "How I see myself (today)". Check out Connie or Cheryl's blogs to see what image they took to portray this. They did not let you down!!!

This week the assignment was A LOCK OR SOMETHING LOCKED. When I was relaxing on the beach I saw this....I was shocked to find this old rusty lock on the beach in Miami... I thought it was quite fitting for this week. If you like locks, you should check out Jessica Claire's fine art photography. She has a whole selection of Lock Images. Connie took a ton of amazing images of locks this week as well, be sure to stop by her blog and see them all.

Next week the topic is... (drum roll)... PAIN - SOMETHING THAT SHOWS PAIN, BUT IS NOT A PERSON . I would love to see your images and share some of them on the blog! Email me your images to .


Connie said...

So cool Sara... really, you didn't stage that... you found a lock in the sand in Florida? Wow. Love it!

Sara Montgomery said...

Zach actually found it... I was shocked. I did move it for the shot... it did not look as great by the garbage can!