Thursday, July 2, 2009

And One More Makes Three !

When I was driving to my most recent shoot, I was thinking to myself, hummmm maybe I should have another baby. My youngest is almost four and I always thought I would have three kids... hummmm..... OK, I brought myself back to reality before I got there and realized that two is a great number for me. We are healthy and happy and life is good.

Then... I arrived and met Layton. The third boy to enter his family.
All right, maybe I do need another baby!!! Seeing this little guy made me really miss when my girls were this age. Now, do not get me wrong, I am completely enjoying sleeping uninterrupted through the night (for the most part)... but ahhhh look at this little cutie....
I had so much fun watching Layton and his family interact. They were all so enamored by him. They could hardly look away from him for me to take a photo. I love that. This little guy is the center of their world.I did this newborn shoot a bit different than I usually do. Typically most of the images of a newborn session are of the newborn alone, but this family inspired me to try something new. I could already see that in his first two weeks of life, Layton has had a huge impact on each member of his family. In this session, almost all of the images are of Layton, but in almost all of them, he is being held by a different member of the family. I think that this is my favorite family shot that I took. I love how they are soaking each other up. I feel like I can almost read each of their minds as they look at their new baby and each other and think about how their lives have changed and about the exciting times to come.Of course, this is fun too. What handsome little guys...
I loved to see each family member and watch them bond with this new little guy. Of course Mom was wonderful. Lisa was so calm and content. It seemed as though this little babe had always been a member of her family. Big brothers.... Jackson already has experience at being a big brother, and the comfort he felt with this new and fragile little baby was adorable. He was so sweet with Layton. Always wanting to hold him, touch his soft hair and kiss his sweet head. Layton is lucky to have a big brother like this.And now Kyle.... he was the baby of the family up until two weeks ago. He suddenly seems so grown up. He will thrive on the experience of being a big brother. I loved watching how proud he was when he held his brother. He is growing up and I think he knows it. And Last for Layton's daddy... we got some really great shots of the two of them. I loved seeing Ruben hold his newest son. He could not disguise the love he has for this new child.What a great family! Thank you guys for letting me come and spend the morning with you. I loved meeting Layton and seeing the changes in your family since God blessed you with him. Your home is going to be filled with noise, toys, light savers, wrestling and love. I can not wait to see these boys grow up!

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