Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fourth Grade Friends

I was fortunate to have the chance to meet up with an old friend for a photo session the other day. Rachael and I met in 4th grade... I had just come to Washington from Alaska and we met in school. We remained friends all the way through high school. Years have passed now, and it was really fun to reconnect with her, meet her beautiful kiddos and spend some time with her husband.Even though many years have passed that I was not in contact with Rachael, it was amazing how easy it was to reconnect with her. Rachael and I went through a lot together over the years, and I am so happy and proud of the person she has become. It was an honor to take these photos, thank you!Her two little ones are adorable, and they were so much fun! They better lock their doors when this blonde blue eyed cutie gets a little older!She will however have an older brother around to help keep her safe!This little guys infectious smile and sense of humor had me laughing all the way home from the session.The next two images are a couple of my favorites from the session. They are so quiet, so powerful. No one is looking at the camera, no one is looking at the beautiful setting we are in, no one is smiling at me, BUT you can feel the deep and sincere emotion in each person. This little girl can feel the warmth and security of her daddy's breath on her arm, and he can feel the soft touch of her hand on his back as she rests her chin on his shoulder.I love how happy a child gets from a good hug. Sam's feet are off the ground and he can hardly contain his happiness from this hug! I can almost feel her tight squeeze as she quickly contemplates if there is any way to keep him from growing up. What a pleasure it was to spend some time with you guys at the beach. I am glad that I could stop chit chatting with you guys long enough to capture some great moments for your family! I hope you enjoy these for years to come!


Mary Ann and Al said...

Rachel your family is beautiful. I'm so happy for you. I remember being there for the beginning of your marriage. May you have many more happy years.

Beautiful pictures Sara!!

Mary Ann and Al


I love this shoot! My favorite is the shot where Dad is playing with the boy in the foreground and mom is holding the little girl in the background! Great idea:)