Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Blessed Holiday

Our family had an amazing and memorable holiday. We went the day after Thanksgiving to get our tree. What a fun outing. The weather was great for tree hunting. We began at The Red Barn Tree Farm in Orting.The whole family jumped on the train and headed out into the woods to find the perfect tree.
We ended our day at Snowshoe Tree farm... It was so much fun to tromp through the woods in search of the perfect tree. I think there was a light shining down on the perfect one... at least I think I could see that light in my girls eyes when they chose their tree.
We tried to conserve some of our energy for the end of our day when we wrote letters to Santa. It was so fun to stand back and watch the concentration of a 5 year old as she tried her best to explain how good she has been and how much she wanted a "water baby". On the opposite side of the spectrum, it was really entertaining to watch a 3 year old carelessly draw and scribble on her letter with all the confidence in the world that Santa would come through for her with a stuffed unicorn. Candy canes and a fresh tree on top of the car ended a great afternoon.

A few weeks later we went to see Santa. We rode the Santa Train at Point Defiance in Tacoma. It is great, you hop on the train (ONE dollar per person!!!) and spend as much time with Santa as you need... sing carols...get rosy cheeks... and then head in to the cabin for hot cocoa and cookies to warm up afterwards.Christmas was white here... it was beautiful. We rarely see a white Christmas here in the Northwest, and it did make travel a bit of a challenge, but what a fabulous time we had celebrating with our family and friends. We filled the month with gingerbread houses, shopping and snow globes, kindergarten concerts, pine cones and sledding, snowmen, holiday music, Santa and mistletoe, tree decorating parties, candles, making and wrapping gifts, stockings, nutcrackers and cocoa in reindeer mugs.... and most importantly the Christmas story. We have been blessed in so many ways, but this year all of these little things have meant the most to me. If you have time in the next few days, write down a few memories that you made with your family or friends. Tuck your memories away in a Christmas box before you put all of your things away.... it will be fun to see if next year and for years to come.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas From My Little Monkey

OK... so have you ever checked out the career builder site for Monkey Mail? Well, my kids, especially Olivia is addicted to it. They love to select their characters, dress them and send messages to our friends and family who are not close by. Here is my Olivia... she turned three in September and she LOVES Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. So here it is.... Olivia singing Rudolph for you! Merry Christmas! **CLICK HERE**

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Holiday Special Was a Hit!

Hello!!! I have not done a blog post in almost a month! I can not believe it. Phew... it has been a busy few months for me. I can not wait to share with you all of the great stuff that has been going on around here. The Holiday Special was a hit! I have had nearly 25 families participate in the holiday special. What a surprise. It was way, I mean WAY more than I thought would ever have. I would love to thank all of the families that have let me into their homes and have allowed me to take up their precious time during the busy holiday season. What a privilege it has been to meet all of you, THANK YOU!!!

In the middle of all of the holiday sessions I had a wonderful surprise. I was asked by Me Ra of Me Ra Koh photography to speak at one of her fabulous photography workshops. I can not wait to tell you about it. It deserves a post on its own, so I will say no more! I know I have said this before, but if you have not checked out her blog.... you have got to do it! It is amazing, even if you are not a photographer, you will enjoy it. She is a real person who is willing to share real life (the good and the bad) with you honestly. Check it out.

Here are a few teasers from a couple of my recent sessions.... I will share more soon.

I hope you are having a great holiday season as we all prepare for Christmas. If you live around me.... lets hope for some snow!

More images to come soon!