Sunday, January 13, 2008

Follow the Signs

Let me start this off by saying that this is not my typical post. It has nothing to do with photography.... hopefully it is not more than you want to hear.... but here it is anyways!

I walk down the hall... take a deep breath... and mumble to myself that everything is going to be all right. It is a long hall, windows line the left side... with a worn floor under my feet I walk on. Then I see the sign. "Inhale"... I do as it says and walk a few feet farther. Another sign, "exhale".... again I follow the direction from the sign and keep walking. "Inhale", "Exhale", Inhale", "Exhale", this continued the entire way until I reached the desk at the end of the hall. Somehow, when I got there I felt a little better, a little more confident, a little more comfortable. It is funny that something as simple as a couple deep breaths can calm your whole body and mind.

I checked myself in and sat down and waited... and waited. I have had a lot of doctor appointments this last year, and I have spent a lot of time in waiting rooms...waiting rooms allow for a lot of thinking time. Time to think about what keeps me from remembering to inhale and exhale. Think about my kids and how fast they are growing and what amazing people they are becoming. Think about the new year and what it will bring. A few hours later and I am headed down that same hall the other direction. No real new news, just a few more pills, but no bad news, therefore a good appointment. Saturday is here again, there are extra pills to take. They fill my hand and fill my mind. Are they helping, what about the side effects, how long will I have to do this?? Then I do it, just as I have every Saturday for the past six months.... I take the pills, when my kiddos are not looking... and move on with life looking forward to the next day, and the new year inhaling and exhaling with each step I take.

These pills are not going to slow me down, they are just my reminder of how lucky I am how lucky all of us are for our health and our bodies. I am not sure what is at the end of your "long hall" these days, but I hope that you remember to inhale and exhale along your way looking forward to the next day and the new year.

God Bless your new year!


Kaia Busch said...

Sara - what an amazing reminder of how lucky we all are. Our health, our families, our lives together; thank you.

Katherine said...

Hi Sara,
What a good way to look at this difficult process you're going through. I think "grateful" is one of the most powerful words -- and you have demonstrated beautifully what it really means.


Mary Ann and Al said...

We have made it through difficult times before and I'm sure we will again. Our family is strong and full of love for all. Lean on us when you need a little extra love, a hug, or a little help in the kitchen as you are facing a long recovery. I am thankful for the reminder to enjoy each day. I love you.

Gretchen said...

Hi Sara - I see I'm behind the curve, as usual - but I loved seeing my b rother's grave - thanks