Thursday, September 25, 2008

Learning To Explore Life At Six Months

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to do a newborn shoot for a beautiful little girl. I had so much fun and I got some of my favorite newborn shots. Click **HERE** to see some of them. Six months later.... we have a beautiful little girl who is just learning to explore. It is amazing to see the changes that happen in just six months.
Little Reilly is going to quickly realize that she does not have to stay in one place. She is going to be an explorer. She is rolling and almost sitting, and you can see in her eyes that she is excited about all of the new things that she is discovering in her young life.
I love the peacefulness and the quietness that Reilly exudes. She is a very content baby and she showed me a lot of patience through out the day.This cutie is such a blessing to her family, and it was a total pleasure to spend time with her and her entire family. I have to thank them for welcoming me into their home again and trusting me with their precious little one.
Reilly's mom was so laid back and relaxed, she even had time to make cookies with Reilly's sister during the shoot. Can you believe that!! A mom in control.... I was very impressed! When I try to have a shoot with my kids, I am sweating and nervous. So a huge kudos to her!! Here is a shot of big sister Hannah.... thank you for my heart princess artwork! You are such a sweetie and a big helper!This family selected a photo package that includes three shoots for the first year. I am excited to follow this little girl as she grows and I can not wait to share her one year photos with all of you in another six months.


Katherine said...

Beautiful photos! Love them.

Amanda Mays said...

Very cute!!! Love that last shot of the little girl ;)

Karry said...

I LOVE the one with her foot in her mouth - so cute ! Sara, great job getting these great little expressions !