Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring...A Young Family... And Mr. Blue Eyes

I can not tell you how excited I am to share these images with you. They are some of my favorite images ever! Remember to click on any of the images to see them up close. I love shoots with babies around 7 months old. They still have all of those chubby baby parts.... bright inquisitive eyes.... and they can't get away from me!This little guy had the MOST amazing eyes.
He was taking a snooze when I arrived, so his parents and I took the opportunity to get some great shots of them. It is important to remember the parents and their own relationship even after kiddos introduced to the family.What a beautiful couple. I love this shot!I bet you can tell where this cutie got his eyes now!!!Now... back to Mr. Blue Eyes.... these shoots are so important to me... I love capturing all of the personality and parts of a little one at this age. It seems like they can change over night, and we never want to forget exactly how they were this day. We want to remember their soft skin and those beautiful lashes...All of those rolls... Love 'em!Or these cute piggies...their inquisitive minds (he almost got me!)...the determination...The love of a pacifier...and the pain when the pacifier has gone missing.
Ahhh.... now really.... how cute is this?!?!We were so lucky to get some amazing shots of both parents with Mr. Blue Eyes as well...

What an honor it was for me to do this photo shoot. I want to thank Mr. Blue Eyes and his parents for welcoming me into their home and for allowing me to share these amazing images with all of you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Happy Spring!


Connie said...

Great Job Sara! Love the bun shot... how cute is that!

Anonymous said...

You took some amazing shots.I can't help but be biased, because that beautiful family is my amazing neice, her wonderful husband & their precious son. Both mommy & daddy have blue eyes and you can't tell in these photos but the depth & striking makeup of that sweet boys eyes came from his Mommy.Signed CMW in TX