Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is here... only a couple more months for seniors!

It is officially spring, and the weather here has been AMAZING! I love the warm sun and cool air of spring. Other than the allergies, I have nothing to complain about! Spring time also brings an exciting time for many high school seniors. Only a few months to go and a totally new chapter of life begins. I remember those days.... it was so much fun!

Meet Scott.Last weekend I had the opportunity to do Scott's senior portrait session. I really like this next image, just click on it to get a closer view. He was a great sport! Scott, as well as most 18 year old guys, was not totally thrilled with the idea of spending 2 hours in a park with his mom and a photographer... but after a few minutes we were just having fun and it felt like we were just hanging out. We were at Green River Community College for this shoot. It gave us a great variety for settings, and it was quite fitting because Scott will be attending this school in the fall.I love that shot in his letterman's jacket, but I also like the older vintage look of the next image.We walked through the campus... hiked in the woods, and even trespassed in a couple of great fields to get some really fun images. All of the images are not quite ready yet, but I really wanted to give Scott and his family a preview of some of my favorites from our day.Scott... thank you for a great day, and good luck to you as you look forward to this exciting time in your life.

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