Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Sweet Flower And A Quiet Smile

Wait a minute... I think I may be in heaven.  Isn't this little one one of the most gorgeous little babes you have ever seen? Just look at those beautiful eyes (click any of the images to get a larger view)!  I love Sydeny with her sweet flower and her quiet smile!  She is just an angelic baby... I can not tell you how much fun it was to spend the afternoon with her and her parents.

It seems like I always end up in the parent's bedroom to take photos of kids at this age.  I loved their bed and the bright yellow color was a lot of fun!

Look at those new little toofers!

I love to set a little one on a bed in front of their parents.... the parents can't tell what the little one is doing and we always end up with something great.  I love the laughter and emotion in this image.

 After we spent some time at the house, we headed to down town Seattle to the Olympic Scultpture Park.  It was great.  I had never been there before, it had a little of everything... Huge wonderful sculptures...

the beach....

and a park!

The best part about this whole day was being allowed to be a part of a couple of Sydney's "FIRSTS."  I was there for her first experience sitting all by her big girl self in the grass.  She was completely mesmerized.

I love these amazing series of images of Sydney with both her mom and her dad. 

Each shot seems to tell a different part of the story of the relationship and love between the parents and their daughter.  I love it!

 After we explored the grass... we headed over to the beach... another first!  We put Sydney down in this rocky part of the shore and let her explore all of the new things around her.  She would have sat there all day if they had let her (and I could have taken photos all day too)! 

I love this image of her reaching out as far as she can for the perfect smooth rock!  You know she tasted it too, right?!  Someday her parents will have a jar of these perfect rocks that she will have collected on numerous trips to the beach!  What a fun life they have ahead of them with their happy little explorer!

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So cute! Love love these!