Monday, April 19, 2010

Ten Little Piggies Sleeping In A Row

Can you believe it?  Mason is already 6 months old! 
Do you remember Mason?  I took images of him when he was just a tiny little thing, just three weeks old!  Click **HERE** to see some of those images.  I have had the opportunity to see him twice already in his first year, and now.... now I can not wait to see him around his first birthday!

What a sweet little boy he is. Those eyes... those eyes, they just make ya melt don't they!? And, how about those gums?? Just look at that gummy smile!  It won't be gummy for long, so I was thrilled we were able to capture them!
Mason had many different looks and expressions, he had huge smiles,quiet smiles, and adorable lip biting inquisitive grins.  I wish I could read his mind. 

Mason's parents are just as enamored by him today as they were when he was three weeks old. This next image has a fun seventies look to  it. I really like this image because it feels like his parents do not even know I am there capturing these memories.  I feel like Mason is looking up at me saying, "Man, I have it good, isn't life great?"

I sure miss this age.  I miss 6 months.... I miss when my babies would just sit with me, unable to get away, but they wouldn't want to even if they could. I love how happy and how light hearted a child is at this age... to these pure souls, life is perfect!  I can just feel the love these parent's have for their perfect little boy.

Can you feel their love?
I am two for two at completely wearing Mr. Mason out by the end of our session, but lucky for us, we got some AMAZING images of him sleeping.  He still has his sweet swirl of soft brown hair.

Look at his 10 little piggies sleeping all in a row!

I love this next image, I think it is one of my favorites from the whole day.

It was a complete honor to share in this day with Mason and his family!  Thank you for allowing me to have a part in Mason's first year!

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