Sunday, May 23, 2010

Capturing Memories With The Mighty Snap Shot

Do you want to remember all of the little silly things your kids do?  Will you remember how intently they brush their own teeth?  Will you remember how proud they looked when they tape artwork all over your house?  Will you remember the crowns of bubbles they made in the bath or when they dressed up like Captain Underpants?  You MUST take control of capturing memories for your family with your camera in your home!  Don't get me wrong, I would love to spend time with you and capture images of your family, but I can not be there every day, I can not be there for those unplanned events, moments and milestones that are a part of your life every day.  I have a few very SIMPLE rules for you to use to help you capture these moments through snapshots.

Rule Number OneAlways have your camera ready.  Have your battery charged and have it close by.  How are you going to get those shots when your camera is not ready!?  This may seem obvious, but even I am guilty of this at times.  My girls will be sitting by the window doing art together while singing and giggling and my camera is no where in site.  UGH... another shot missed.  Now I have to try to depend on my horrific memory to remember this great day!  So... now, I am trying to be better.  I am trying to have my camera within arms reach so I do not miss those moments and memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life.  I did not miss my girls with their grandma planting flowers all weekend.... and thank God I did not miss this...

This is moments after her front tooth fell out. She was so excited, and we were too.  After we got a few shots inside, I sort of tricked her into going outside so I could get a better look at her new look... really I was moving her for the light.

Rule Number Two: Follow the Light! If you have a camera that allows you to turn your flash off, DO IT!  Turn it off and move outside.... use natural light, your snap shots will look SO much better!

Rule number three:  Go with the Flow.  When your crazy four year old shows up to see what the fuss is all about... let her join in.

Rule Number Four: Don't worry too much about preparation.  We are not talking about portraits here... they are snap shots!   If you stop to fix hair, change a shirt or wipe a face, you are going to miss the moment.  Just go for it.... laugh with them... let them be themselves... and you will have memories for a lifetime.  When I finished taking some shots of the new toothless grin, I turned around and saw this...
 my silly little girl.
Did I mention that we had not brushed this little lemonhead's hair yet this day. But, now that I look at these snapshots, I love them even more.  This is my little girl... goofy, silly, funny, carefree and happy. These photos will make me laugh for the rest of my life.
Rule number Five: Just keep shooting.   The digital camera is such a gift!  You can just snap snap snap shots without any worry about running out of film, or the cost of developing a bad image.  You never know, you may end up with this shot... now won't this be worth a lot when she is 16?
Man, I love this spunky little girl!!!


Connie said...

Love them all Sara! So adorable!

Katherine said...

Love love love you and your girls!