Monday, July 5, 2010

Ms. Lila Belle...

Ms. Lila Belle.... seriously, how sweet is that name?! Especially because it is for both of her grandmas!

I was supposed to meet Lila on her first day of life, however a horrible cold and flu kept me away from the hospital.  I was so glad I was able to go meet her at her own home when she was less than one month old!

She is such a sweet baby, and let me tell you, she was very patient with us for our session! It was so fun watching these new parents ooooh and ahhhh over there new babe.

I remember life those first few weeks with a newborn.  It was consumed by diapers... feeding times...are they warm enough... does her tummy hurt...did the staff at the hospital really let ME take this baby home? I was so consumed with that new life that I barely came up for air.  When I asked these two to look away from their little one and to look at each other, I could see them both take a deep breath and they just smiled at each other. I felt like when these two looked up at each other, it may have been one of the first times they came up for air as well!

What a gorgeous family!

 These may be the most perfect piggies I have seen in quite some time! I love how both of her feet fit into her mommy's palm.

Oh yeah... did I also mention that Lila has an adorable puppy who is just a few months older than she is?
Isn't Rossi adorable (that is for Rossignol skis... not Dino Rossi! )?  I had a great afternoon with Lila and her family.  I know I wore them all out (except for Rossi)!  Doesn't Ms. Lila Belle look sweet tuckered out as well!? Thank you to Lila and her whole family for spending the afternoon with me!

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