Monday, August 23, 2010

Olivia and Seattle Children's Hospital

This is Olivia.
Or wait... This is Olivia.
No, no, no... wait.... THIS is Olivia!
This young girl has so much personality, I love it!

When I was asked to take photos of Olivia so that she would be honored at a charity auction for Seattle Children's Hospital, I was thrilled. What I did not expect was such a resilient, charming, and brilliant eight year old!  She is simply amazing!  She is a very regular guest at Children's, but you would never guess it.  She is definitely NOT defined by her health condition!  I went along on one of Olivia's visits to the hospital to document some of the experiences she has at the hospital.
In this situation, you or I would have a squirmy stomach and sweaty palms, but this laid back little cutie just charmed her way through the entire afternoon!

She was so lucky to have amazing physicians who took the time to explain every thing that was going on around her.  Again... you or I would have maybe heard one word they were saying, but Olivia... she soaked it all up. What a smart cookie!!!
After all of the real business was over, we were able to head outside with the family and really let loose!
Olivia's family is wonderful, but I have to say, my favorite thing during this shoot was watching Olivia and her sister interact.  Her little sister is six and spuuunkyyy! It was so much fun to be around the two of them.  They were not shy... not reserved in the least... and really could make each other laugh... which made me laugh too!
These girls just fed off each other with their silliness and laughter.  Years from now, these two sisters and their parents will cherish these images!

What a pleasure it was to meet Olivia and her family, and what it honor it was to be involved with Seattle Children's Hospital.  The auction is coming up this fall and if you would like more information on the hospital or auction, you can email me at

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Katherine said...

more amazing work by you! And for such a great cause.