Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mr. Blue Eyes is One!

Do you remember Mr. Blue Eyes? Click** Here **if you would like to see some of the images from our first session. What am I saying... of course you remember him!  What a handsome little guy.  I took images of him when he was 7 months old, and now... he is one year old!  Already?? How does that happen?!  We had a mini-session at Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium here in Tacoma last weekend and I can not begin to tell you how much fun it was!  This was my first mini-session, and now it is something that I am going to offer up to anyone interested through the end of September 2010.  There will be another post coming soon to tell you more about what is included in a "Mini Session."  However, right now I have more important things to tell you about... MR. BLUE EYES!!!!!!!!!!!
I am strongly considering re-naming him "Mr. Amazing Lashes"... What do you think?
We had a blast exploring the park, and I was amazed to see how much he has changed over the past few months.
From crawling... to aaaallmost walking.
 Watch out, with his toy, there is no stopping him!
I love this family, and we had a great time at the park.
I was so honored to be there for Mr. Blue Eye's first walk in the sand, just look at those adorable sandy toes!
 He even had his first feel of the Puget Sound, that water is chilly!!! 
I will end this post with one of my all time favorite family photos.  Mom, Dad and Mr. Blue Eyes just can not get enough of each other.  What a wonderful family.  Thank you for a great afternoon.

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