Monday, September 27, 2010

A New Brother

Ahhh... I love babies.... can I say that a little louder... I LOVE BABIES!!!  Look at those cheeks and that perfect skin!

I love when a baby laughs like this.... Lucas couldn't even laugh out loud yet, but he is laughing... you can tell from his wide grin and smiling eyes! I think I would have taken him home with me, but I am not sure his parents thought that was part of their portrait package.  I guess next time I will have to have a disclaimer!

This is a beautiful image of Lucas and his mom.  They are both so content and peaceful!  His mom is gazing down at this....

who wouldn't have a full heart watching this little guy snooze?

This is Lucas' big brother Logan.

I had a chance to take photos of him when he was three months old too.  I was shocked when he ran up to me, cookies, ninja turtle and pacifier in hand, when I arrived that day!  He is going to be a great big brother!

I love photographing families with new babies.  Life changes instantly for every family member. It is fun to see how everyone adapts and changes and how much love there is.  I had these boys snuggle on the bed with their parents for awhile to get these next two images.

The weather was a bit rainy that day, but once it subsided a bit, we headed outside for a few shots.  Lucas decided it was time for another little nap... for me, that meant it was a perfect time to take a few shots of his perfect little piggies!

Keep snoozing little Lucas, but for your parent's sake, just try to do it between the hours of 8 pm and 7 am!

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