Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Day At The Park With Claire

My goodness!  Meet Claire!
She is one of the sweetest little girls I have ever met! I could not get enough of her sweet smile, little toofers and bright eyes!  
I love this image!  As a mother, when I look at this adorable image of Claire.... I feel a lump in my throat.  For me... this image fills my heart for many reasons!  I love that Claire's whole hand is wrapped around one of her mama's fingers... I love the way she is looking up at her daddy... I love that she is learning to walk... I love that someday she may wear her mama's bracelet. This image will be a favorite for me for quite some time.
Look at this new walker go... she is on the move! 
Claire really love her daddy!  He can always get her to smile and giggle.  Ahhh.... what a daddy's girl!
Claire and her mommy are such beautiful ladies!

 Isn't this a gorgeous family?
Claire had her own agenda for this shoot.  I LOVE independent girls! Letting her roam around to enjoy her freedom allowed us to get some wonderful images!

Claire, thank you for sharing your family with me and allowing me to capture these images of you!  It was a great afternoon!

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