Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Fun Fall Senior Session

 Meet Stephanie.

Stephanie is a gorgeous senior who blessed me with an incredibly fun photo shoot a couple of weeks ago.

She incorporated all of her interests and her buddies into her session.  I left feeling like I really know who she is and that she has a great family and fun friends.

We headed out to Puyallup for her session and started off with her drill team friends.

I was very impressed with all of their moves!

Then we moved on to some of her school friends.

It was a gorgeous afternoon, no wind and no rain.  A bit chilly for Stephanie, but considering what you can get this time of year in the northwest, this was nothing!

Stephanie has a beautiful smile, but I love her serious look as well. 

Her eyes are just captivating!
Stephanie is an amazing artist.  

This blue from her painting came through in other areas of her session as well.  Check out these shoes... her sister gave them to her.  Aren't they great!?  I had no idea you could personalize your shoes!

Here is a little more blue...

You will just have to imagine the blue in this one!  It looked great in color too, but I liked the feel of the alley and the brick in black and white!

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon and good luck to you as you finish up your senior year!  Have a great time in Hawaii!!!

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