Monday, June 18, 2012

A Day With Grandpa and Grandma

A few weeks ago, I started my Saturday off at a T Ball game.  It is my youngest daughter's first season.  Those games are always entertaining, I love watching as the ball is hit and 8 kids all chase after it. The only kids that aren't chasing the ball are usually the ones drawing in the dirt with their shoes or mitt.  We always leave those games with a smile.  This specific Saturday, I was able to leave the game and meet up with the family of one of my favorite little girls from the team to have a photo shoot with her brother and grandparents. Looking back on this session now, I realize how lucky we were to have such great weather!  In Washington this year, we have been calling the month of June "Junuary".  It has been a bit cold and wet, even for our standards!  But not this day.... this day was great!

We took our time exploring and playing in the park.

After the park we headed down to the beach.  There was time to chat.  There was time to learn how to skip stones, there was time to play.  It was a great afternoon.

Thank you for letting me spend time with your family!  It was a great afternoon!

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Unknown said...

Sara -- these are beautiful! Thank you for such a great day and wonderful photo memories.....