Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Is Your Wish For This New Year?

What is your wish for the new year? What if your wish was for life.  What if all you wanted was time?  That is where my friend Drew finds himself these days.

This past year he has battled against cancer, and although he has been putting up a valiant fight, his doctors say that his treatment options are diminishing. They say time is not on his side.  They say there is not a cure in his future.

What amazes me about Drew and his family is their ability to stay focused on each day, their ability to continue to fight... to beat the odds, their ability to smile... to laugh... and to continue to LIVE each day to its fullest.

On a cool day last November, I had the chance to meet Drew and his family at the park for a photo session. What a great time we had! I feel so honored to be able to spend time with this family and it is a privilege that they have allowed me and my nosy camera into their lives on so many occasions!

I LOVED this session, and I loved watching this family.  There are so many things from this day at the park that I would love to just lock away in my mind and heart forever. I pray that Drew, Carolyn and Abby will always be able to remember this day as well.

I pray they remember how a child lights up when their parents smile at them.
I pray that when they get too serious, their mood will be lightened by a silly face. (This should be no problem for Drew)
Drew is a bit mischievous (that may be an understatement!).  He is always up to something with his girls.  With this family, a simple kick of a leaf can turn into an all out leaf war.

I pray that I will always remember this sweet girl whispering her attack plan for mom into her daddy's ear, and the smile on Drew's face as he heard it.
If you were wondering where she got her "prankster" personality... look no further!
If there was ever a look of guilt... this is it!
As this family continues on life's path this new year,  please pray for them.
Pray for healing, pray for peace, pray for understanding, pray for continued strength, love and laughter.
Pray for faith and pray for a miracle.


Paul said...


I would like to thank you for the narrative! It could not be any more "fitting" or expressed any better. We all hope and pray for peace and somehow a miracle to occur in this battle of life. Personally, there is not a better brother, friend, family man, or role model than Andrew. Again, thank you and your family for the continuous support your provide for all three, Andrew, Carolyn, and Abby.



Sara Montgomery said...

Thank you Paul, I feel honored to be a part of their lives. You are ALL in my prayers.