Friday, February 8, 2008

See a local family on Oprah!

By now you all know that I follow Me Ra Koh and her photography quite regularly.... well she had some pretty exciting news on her blog today. There was a contest on her web site last year where anyone could nominate a mom who was "running on empty".... one of the nominees was a local mom named Kari. She and her husband have one child and recently adopted three of their neices who were in need of care. Kari and her family are going to be on Oprah on Monday. Check out the trailer for the show! It looks like the designer Nate and a home remodel are in their future! How exciting! Me Ra is involved, I am not sure if she is on the show or if possibly they just feature some of her photography. Either way, it sounds like a great show. I hope you get a chance to see it.

Also.... I have an update on baby Nate. He is doing quite well. He is feeling a lot better and his mom says that he is almost back to his normal self. His vessels have continued to enlarge a little more so he is still in need of your thoughts and prayers, but hopefully he is on his way back to health!

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