Friday, February 15, 2008

Don't Be Afraid to Get Up Close!

What do you love about your baby? Is it her chubby cheeks? Is it her eye lashes?
Is it her gummy smile?
Is it the light in her eyes?
Is it her peach fuzz hair, the curve of her lip, her button nose?
As a parent we want to remember those details of our little ones, cement them into our minds.... If you are like me, I am realizing that when I look back at photos, my memory is not as good as I wish it was. Those photos make me melt, they make me miss that soft baby skin... I am not far enough out of the woods to miss the sleepless nights and spit up, but I imagine as my kiddos continue to grow up someday I will miss that too.
When you are taking photographs of your kids, dont be afraid to get up close. Make sure that you notice all of the little things, all of the things you maybe take for granted. Don't miss that bend in the ear, the way they curl their toes or suck their thumb.... you will love to look back on those for years to come!

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Mary Ann and Al said...

I love all those things about my "best friend". How wonderful to have all of those close up pictures to remember her as a baby.