Saturday, February 2, 2008

Please Pray for Nate

Please pray for little Nate. Nate is the little boy of some good friends of ours. I had the chance to shoot some great shots of him about a month ago when he and his family were here from California. Shortly after they returned to California from Washington Nate came down with what started as a cold and fever. That cold developed into double ear infections and pneumonia. Unfortunately during that time, through the hard work of his doctors, they discovered that Nate had developed Kawasaki disease. This is a type of autoimumme dificiency of unknown origin that causes inflamation of the vascular system. For Nate, his coronary arteries (the arteries that sit on the heart and supply the heart with blood) are dilated to twice the size that they should be. This puts Nate at risk for blood clots which can in some cases lead to strokes and heart attacks. This sweet little boy has been very uncomfortable through this and has been stuggling with fevers upwards of 104 degrees. Please keep Nate and his family in your thoughts and prayers, please pray that the Lord will heal Nates heart and give him back to his family just as he was, an adorable and healthy little boy.

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