Monday, April 14, 2008

Senior Photos Down Town

First off I just have to say WOW! Meet Lana... she is an amazing girl. She graduated last year and her mom finally convinced her to have her senior photos taken. I am so glad she did because I had SO much fun on this shoot and we really got some great shots. Lana has an amazing style, it really shows through in her photos. We had a great time finding fun places to take shots...Each stop that we made, I learned more and more about this great girl. She is already a Junior in college, and she is thinking about nursing with an interest in photography... sounds like someone I know!
OK, so isn't this pink door great!?! We found the best place in down town Tacoma that offered up some amazing backgrounds for us. I absolutely love the fact that Lana was willing to head out into the middle of the road and take some shots. The contrast of her formal dress and the industrial road we were on was totally fun!
Lana, I hope you like these shots! I can not wait for you to see the rest of them, there are many many more for you to see! It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you, thank you!


Katherine said...

Wow, Sara, these are great. You just get better and better!!

Julie Watts said...

Sara....these are AWESOME!! Love the motion in her hair in the shot with the cherry blossoms behind her...