Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Even More Shots of Kelly

OK.... so I took so many photos of Kelly, I just wanted to post a few more of them. These are more traditional "senior" photos than my previous post... I am thinking that I may take a few of my favorites and do some special editing with them. If you have a favorite shot, let me know and that can help me select the ones that I do some extra work on.

I could not believe the weather we had for this shoot... it was just perfect. I am getting excited about the thought of warmer spring weather!
This shoot was so much fun. We had Kelly's mom and sister along for most of the shoot, they were all a pleasure to work with. I hope they enjoy these photos, I cannot wait for them to see the rest!


Connie said...

Hey Sara! I would be happy to sit down with you and go thorugh some Photoshop 101. Not that I know a lot, but I can get you started (no charge). We should find some time over a weekend or later on a weeknight and we can dump all these onto my computer and edit everyone together. Sounds fun to me!

Mary Ann and Al said...

I like the second one. I really like them all, but I think the background on this one is great.