Friday, May 2, 2008

Spring time at the Zoo

Five thirty this morning I drug myself out of bed and headed off to work. For those of you who do not know, I do work as an RN in the operating room during the week. I was supposed to have a relatively stressful day, but when I started my shift at six thirty.... yes.... that is insanely early, I found that our case was cancelled and I got to have the day off. I caught Zach before he took the girls to day care, and I surprised them with a trip to the zoo.
They were so excited, and actually I was too. It has been awhile since I have been able to take them out for the day for what Ava calls a "girl's party." Of course, I think that every school in our area was having their annual field trip to the zoo, so it was a little crowded, but that did not slow us down. One of the major highlights of our day was feeding the goats. How could anyone turn down this handsome fella?I think that goat food may even be more expensive than the concession stand. A quarter got us four little pellets, which my Olivia would pass out all at once, what a generous girl! It was a hoot to watch them.... we spent a lot of quarters!After leaving the goats, playing on the slides and climbing walls, we headed out to see the other animals. We had a blast, most of the animals were showing off, I think because the weather was just right for them, not too hot or too cold. We stopped for a picnic lunch and then headed out to see the walrus. They are such amazing and huge animals. Somehow even with their size, they seem so gentle and graceful.
This was officially our first trip to the Zoo without a stroller. It is quite a walk for a 2 and 4 year old. We took a break on a curb for a few minutes to have a breather.Our last stop was of course the carousel. We prepaid for two trips. Ava was so thrilled, she was on what she called a "Mer-Horse", part mermaid and part horse. I love the way they would throw back their head to feel the wind in their hair while they were riding. I can totally remember that feeling as a child. Olivia was not quite sure of it during her first ride, but by the end of ride number two, she was not wanting to leave. When I say that, I mean laying on the ground screaming and crying about how I was "hurting her feelings." I suppose after that much fun, I would not want to leave either.
We had such a great day... and of course no naps when we got home, so... hopefully that means tonight they will head off to bed early, Maybe, just maybe we will have a quiet evening at our house............................. so probably not, but one can hope right!?


Mary Ann and Al said...

I remember a trip to the zoo I went on when there were many schools there. I was really glad the day was over, trying to keep track of the 4 kids I was assigned to. You were brave to go by yourself. Great pictures.

Amanda Mays said...

Fun!!! Now that the weathers getting nicer I've been wanting to take chase to the zoo too! We usually do woodland park but I think we'll do your zoo instead!

We should do coffee or dinner sometime soon I want to chat with you about my workshop and see what's new with you ;)