Friday, May 30, 2008

The Point-and-Shoot Camping Trip

We finally did it, we got a point and shoot camera. Of course we always used to have one... then I got my Cannon equipment and we only used that. The problem with that was that my husband no longer really took any pictures (basically leaving my life undocumented), it is too big to always haul around, and it is too expensive to take everywhere. We ended up buying a Sony cyber shot. To be honest we really selected it because we got a screaming deal on it, but it has ended up working out all right for us. Don't get me wrong, it is quite hard for me to go back to a camera like this, it takes almost all control out of your hands while taking photographs. I understand that this is what most people want out of a camera, but I have to tell you... once you start shooting off of "automatic" you will never want to go back.

Our family went on our first camping trip of the season a couple weeks ago. We have an older RV that we like to take out as much as possible. For this trip we headed out to Long Beach and Westport. It was the perfect trip to try out our new point and shoot camera. I did take my Cannon along as well, but did not take it out very often. The girls had a blast flying kites with their Daddy. They each took turns holding the line. Little Olivia could hardly hold on, and in fact, one time she was running trying to keep a hold of it, and then it happened, the line ran out and the kite was on it's path to freedom. We three girls got quite a kick out of watching their dad running down the beach to try to prevent the escape of the turtle kite.Most of our time was spent outside, looking for bugs to catch, riding bikes and exploring. Being outside is a ton of fun, but the girls took a couple breaks to go inside and play as well. They were hilarious wrestling around on the bed, pretending to drive, and setting up this elaborate table decor.What would camping be without roasting marshmallows and having s'mores? They were as good and messy as I remember. Can you guess what this is that the girls are peaking through? It is the tail of a seahorse. We spent a day in the city of Long Beach. It was really fun.... we walked around, had tons of saltwater taffy, visited Marsh's Museum, we saw "Jake" the half alligator-half man, and went on the old carousel. We were all exhausted by the end of the day, and so we headed off to Westport.

While in Westport we spent more time at the beach. We climbed up the rocks to watch the waves break, that is always so mesmerizing. The sun came out and we bribed the girls with skittles to sit still by each other for a few minutes to try to get a shot of them together. I still did not catch them sitting perfectly, but I did catch them being themselves and loving each other. To everyone out there who has a hard time taking photos of your own kids... try bribery!
For a minute, imagine you are 2 and 1/2, not a worry in the world. You are hearing the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks, the sun comes out, the rocks are warm your tummy is full.... The rock seems to have been made to fit your body while you lay down to take a rest. I wish I could be napping there right now.
Before we took off I had to go down into the Marina in Westport. The "Knotty Girl" just made me laugh and I loved seeing this old crab pot. It reminded me of my childhood and all of the time I spent with my family crabbing and fishing out of Homer Alaska.

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