Wednesday, May 14, 2008

T-Ball, picking flowers, and ring pops

It is official, we have started our first season of T-Ball with our 4 year old. It will be interesting to see how the season works out. I am not sure how T-Ball is run where ever you live, but here, it is coed, there are three innings, and each child gets to bat one time each inning, and everyone gets to score a run. I love watching the boys aggressively slide into home plate. It is hilarious!My girly girl was too cold during game number one to play much. She went to bat one time, and spent the rest of the time with me on the bench talking about how she might want to be a cheerleader instead of a player. I am so far from the cheerleader type that it really made me laugh, but considering Ava often cries if I try to get her to wear anything other than a summer dress, I was not totally surprised.Last weekend we had game number two, Ava said she would try it one more time... that is if we could stop by the snack bar after the game and get a ring pop. We layered her clothing, cheered her on, and she really had a good time. A couple of innings, the coach had her on second base which was funny, but it did allow her to play in the dirt, which she seemed to enjoy, She was pretty oblivious to the game around her except when a couple of her boyfriends on the opposing team stopped by on 2nd base to say hello. During the final inning, she had the chance to play in the field... as you can see she had time to pick flowers for me and also closely, and I mean closely, inspect the inside of her mitt.Batting was also very entertaining to watch. She spent a lot of time drawing a line in the dirt to line her feet up to before she would swing. She is shorter than most of the team, so the T is a little too tall for her... the result of this is a lot of foul balls... but when she does get a hit, watch out, she does a complete 360 degree ballet spin before dropping the bat and slowly galloping off to first base. The whole thing was an absolute hoot to watch. The good part was that she did enjoy the game, and she loved the ring pop! We will have to see what happens during game number three.


Mary Ann and Al said...

What a joy this morning when I logged into your blog, to see Ava playing T-Ball. This has been a hard week for me, so it was nice to smile and giggle while I read the posting. Grandpa is excited to have a baseball player.

Karry said...

I LOVE the picture of your daughter though the fence - that is such a cool pic and so hard to get in focus the right way - so well done ! And the look on her face in the first pic is priceless ! good luck with the season, can't wait to hear how the next game goes :)