Friday, February 15, 2008

Don't Be Afraid to Get Up Close!

What do you love about your baby? Is it her chubby cheeks? Is it her eye lashes?
Is it her gummy smile?
Is it the light in her eyes?
Is it her peach fuzz hair, the curve of her lip, her button nose?
As a parent we want to remember those details of our little ones, cement them into our minds.... If you are like me, I am realizing that when I look back at photos, my memory is not as good as I wish it was. Those photos make me melt, they make me miss that soft baby skin... I am not far enough out of the woods to miss the sleepless nights and spit up, but I imagine as my kiddos continue to grow up someday I will miss that too.
When you are taking photographs of your kids, dont be afraid to get up close. Make sure that you notice all of the little things, all of the things you maybe take for granted. Don't miss that bend in the ear, the way they curl their toes or suck their thumb.... you will love to look back on those for years to come!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love for Grandpa Rick

I have taken Olivia, my 2 &1/2 year old to meet my father before, but I think that this is the first time that she understood the reality of the situation. My father passed away when I was fifteen, and it was this exact time of year that he was diagnosed with cancer. He lived, and I mean LIVED, for 9 months before the disease took his life. When we got to the cemetery, Olivia began to ask, "Where is Grandpa Rick?" I took her to his stone and told her about him, how much he would have loved her, and how he was in heaven now. She looked around for him again... so we talked about it again. She sat there for awhile and then squatted down and touched his name. It was amazing to watch her, amazing to see such a precious little soul loving someone that she has never known so sincerely. Olivia was my father's Valentine this year... Happy Valentine's day Dad! I miss you very much.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Exciting news about Sara Montgomery Photography

The new year is already flying by! I am excited to say that I have a few new things happening here! I finally have business cards! They turned out beautifully, I just love them! Zach had a huge part it getting these done, so THANK YOU to him! They are a unique shape... may not fit well in your wallet, but they are eye catching!

Another project I am working on are these great cards. I am going to give them out to any of you who are interested. They are adorable, and they have a coupon included for a free 8X10 with any portrait session!

If you are interested in a coupon, or want some business cards, please email me at . Leave me your address and I will get some out in the mail for you. I will be posting my rates for 2008 soon, and please remember that if you refer a friend or family member to me, make sure they let me know so that I can thank you appropriately!

Friday, February 8, 2008

See a local family on Oprah!

By now you all know that I follow Me Ra Koh and her photography quite regularly.... well she had some pretty exciting news on her blog today. There was a contest on her web site last year where anyone could nominate a mom who was "running on empty".... one of the nominees was a local mom named Kari. She and her husband have one child and recently adopted three of their neices who were in need of care. Kari and her family are going to be on Oprah on Monday. Check out the trailer for the show! It looks like the designer Nate and a home remodel are in their future! How exciting! Me Ra is involved, I am not sure if she is on the show or if possibly they just feature some of her photography. Either way, it sounds like a great show. I hope you get a chance to see it.

Also.... I have an update on baby Nate. He is doing quite well. He is feeling a lot better and his mom says that he is almost back to his normal self. His vessels have continued to enlarge a little more so he is still in need of your thoughts and prayers, but hopefully he is on his way back to health!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Please Pray for Nate

Please pray for little Nate. Nate is the little boy of some good friends of ours. I had the chance to shoot some great shots of him about a month ago when he and his family were here from California. Shortly after they returned to California from Washington Nate came down with what started as a cold and fever. That cold developed into double ear infections and pneumonia. Unfortunately during that time, through the hard work of his doctors, they discovered that Nate had developed Kawasaki disease. This is a type of autoimumme dificiency of unknown origin that causes inflamation of the vascular system. For Nate, his coronary arteries (the arteries that sit on the heart and supply the heart with blood) are dilated to twice the size that they should be. This puts Nate at risk for blood clots which can in some cases lead to strokes and heart attacks. This sweet little boy has been very uncomfortable through this and has been stuggling with fevers upwards of 104 degrees. Please keep Nate and his family in your thoughts and prayers, please pray that the Lord will heal Nates heart and give him back to his family just as he was, an adorable and healthy little boy.