Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Watching A Family Grow Through The First Year

Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to a beautiful place for a photo shoot. Have you been to the Tumwater Falls? I have been to Olympia COUNTLESS times, and I was shocked to find this amazing place just seconds off of the freeway. I am going to have some serious talks with my family (since many of them live there) as to why I had never been there before!

I was there for a 6 month session for beautiful baby Brooke. Brooke's parents selected the Watch Me Grow package . The Watch Me Grow package is quite possibly my favorite thing to do with photography. I have the opportunity to meet a family with a newborn and come back two more times during the first year to document all of the "firsts" and amazing changes that occur during those precious 12 months. I love being able to spend all of this time with the same family and the same children. With three sessions in one year, I feel like I really get the chance to bond with these families and I consider them friends of mine. What an honor it is for me to do this! I am a lucky gal!

So.... the teaser photo for the 6 month session is behind my blog title.... it is one of my favorites. I will tell you the story about that image in the next post. I could NOT post any other photos of this 6 month session before I shared images from little Brooke and her gorgeous family when she was a newborn.
This family is just amazing, and we had a great spring day for this first session...
We started indoors in the master bedroom... the light was beautiful in their bedroom, and I just loved watching Brooke all snuggled up on that big bed!This image is one of my favorites.... I just love how new she looks. I feel like she still could be inside her mama's tummy.... not a care in the world.... totally relaxed..... totally safe.

No one could get enough of this new little addition to the family. She is so tiny, so perfect, what a blessing.... I wonder what Brooke's big brother and sister are thinking?
How amazing is it that these kiddos watched little Brooke grow inside their mama's tummy and them wham!... there she was in their home.... they could touch her, hold her, hug and kiss her. They were so accepting and loving towards her, you would have thought Brooke had always been a part of their lives....Thank you to Brooke's family for allowing me into your life and your home! It has been a lot of fun. I can not wait to share the new images from the six month session in the next week!

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