Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet Chris, an Auburn Senior!

One year ago, I had the pleasure of shooting an Auburn Senior, Scott.... A few weeks ago I got a chance to do a session with another Auburn Senior.... Scott's brother, Chris. 
We spent Scott's session in a park setting in Auburn, this time, we tried something different for Chris.  We headed to down town Tacoma.  I love Tacoma... it has such a bad rap, but it is a really great town! I love all of the different types of photos you can take down town in a matter of minutes.

We started Chris in an alley. I could not get enough of the old doorways, peeling paint, rust,etc.  It was perfect.

These shots are some of my favorites.  I asked Chris' mom to do something to make him laugh when I was not looking.  Oh, man.... did it ever work perfectly.  If you know his mom, you can go ahead and ask her what she did, I will leave that up to her discretion! All I have to say is Chris is probably still recovering from that! LOL!!

From the alley, we headed to the University of Washington-Tacoma campus... Now we have some shots that have a cleaner and more crisp feel...


Chris' grandfather passed away a few years ago, and we were thrilled to think of him during this shoot when we got these GREAT train images.  His grandpa loved trains, and I think he would have liked these images too!

Chris... you were a great sport!  Thank you for being willing to try anything!

Best of luck to you, and Happy Graduation!

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Tom said...

Great photos, Sara. You really capture a lot of character. You're so skillful.