Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring is Here!

Spring is here... or well, I suppose it is on it's way.  The last few days have made me think that maybe, just maybe winter is over!  A couple of weeks ago, this brave family ventured outside for a photo shoot in some pretty chilly conditions... BUT, there was no rain, so all was good!
I am excited to say that they are going with my WATCH ME GROW package for their new little one.... Kendall... so we will be seeing a lot more of them over the year!  Kendall is four months old and I can not get enough of her big beautiful eyes!
There is just something so wonderful about this image. I love how unique it is...I love her HUGE bow, I love the inquisitive look on her face, and I love that she is biting her lip!  Kendall was a total ham....  
Look at that smile!
This little one already knows what she wants, and at this point in the day, it was NOT her sister!  You know, a lot of people get uncomfortable when babies cry like this, but you know... it is part of who they, and this family was willing to go with the flow and just let things happen.  They were wonderful!
These images are great because they show so much personality.  After Kendall decided that her big sister Mallory was really not that horrible of a person, we were blessed with some awesome shots of these two little sisters!
Nice work Kendall!  Now, it is time for you to have a little snack and time for your sister to have some well deserved time to play at the park.

Four year olds are the best!  They will look at you as if they can read your mind and see your soul...
They can smile so sweet they can melt your heart...
and, they can laugh without reservation.
Mallory is a daddy's girl these days... I have so many wonderful photos of her and her daddy, but I love these two the most. 
Again with the bow... so adorable!  But look close, she has a ring, a bracelet, necklace, earrings and a band aid.... I love 4 year olds!
This session really got me in the mood for Easter with these cute dresses and spring colors. Here is another one of my favorites from this session.  I love the wind in Mallory's hair and how her mom is looking up at her. I can feel the security in Mallory's smile and her hands.
I want to thank Kendall and Mallory's parents for spending the morning with me and allowing me to capture a day in the life of your family!  

I can not wait to see you again in a few months!

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