Monday, October 3, 2011

The Fight For Life


Its this amazing gift we been given.  I would imagine that if you really think about it, we take about 99% of it for granted.Why do we do that?  Why do we wait to be slapped in the face with something to snap us back into realizing what amazing things we have right in front of our eyes.  My dear friends Carolyn and Drew got the dreaded news from their doctor a few weeks ago that Drew has cancer.
Drew is just 39 years old.  Our girls have been friends since they were just 3. His wife Carolyn and I have shared book club together (please, no comments on how many of the books I have actually read), cried on the first day of kindergarten together, and often laugh together.  We all go to soccer practice to visit with each other (sometimes we do more visiting than actual watching).  We meet up Saturdays after soccer games to visit and have lunch, and now we go to church together.

When I think about Drew and what makes him a wonderful person, I immediately think about what a great father he is to Abby.
Parents play such an important role in our lives.  They teach you about love...
 and about security.
 They teach you about faith, strength, and courage.
They teach you how to be a child and how to have fun.
They teach you about commitment and respect.
Parents mold who you are as a child and who you will become as a teen and an adult.  Fathers in particular seem to know just what to say and just when to say it.  One the other side of that, pesky dads also have a keen ability to say the things we need to hear even though it is not what we want to hear.

Abby is a lucky girl.  She has an amazing dad and an incredible mom. Carolyn, you are an inspiration to everyone who is watching from the outside as you process all of the changes to your life and family.  No one envies your situation, but I hope you know that I am in awe your strength, your faith and your dedication. You are a blessing to Drew and Abby.
This family is on for the fight of their lives.  As I write this, they are meeting with an oncologist to design their plan of attack.  Please, pray for them. Pray that someday Abby can understand how much strength she gives her parents and the love they feel when they have their arms wrapped around the center of their universe.
Pray that they have strength to fight the long fight, pray for a cure, and pray for peace in their hearts. 


Anonymous said...

moThank you for sharing my story not only in words but in pictures. You are amazing person, and I am a better person having met you.

Your friend,

Deidre said...

BRAVO from Arkansas!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

touching, beautiful, full of truth and sensitivity, thank you for sharing

Christie said...

Incredible photos - but more portantly - incredible words! We are all learning from this family, praying for this family and waiting for this family to kick cancer to the curb!

Anonymous said...

Sara...your words and photos are amazing. We too have known this family since our girls were 3. They met at the Y in ballet and even though Abby moved on to soccer the girls have remained friends. We love this family so much and are praying every day for the Lord to grant them each the strength they need to get through each day and to "kick cancers ass" as Drew so eloquently puts it. You are such a wonderful friend to them...I am glad they have you.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures which captured this family perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing them and your inspiring words.

Anonymous said...

Sara~ Thank you for these beautiful images and description of Drew, Carolyn, and Abby! They are such a fantastic family...lovely people!

Drew, Carolyn, and Abby~ You will each be in our prayers! Please call (or knock) if there is anything at all that we can do to help or offer support. Whatever it might be, please just let us know!

God bless,
Catherine & Brian

Paul said...


Thank you for the expression through your photography. I am Drew's brother, Paul, and have the luxury to know first hand about which you speak. Abby displays the qualities you comment about; which is a compliment to Drew and Carolyn. The Reiser family appreciates your support and being there as a friend for them. Again, Thank You!!!



Anonymous said...


Beautiful pictures, beautiful words. I am in awe of the family's strength ~ but with friends like you ~ it's not hard to imagine where they get some of it.

Thank you for the light you shine in this world!

Anonymous said...

Another wonderful photographic display of capturing the heart with love and tenderness. We will continue to pray and have hope every day for Drew's cure. Miracles do happen and look forward to standing by Drew Carolyn and Abby as a whole community to support them and hold hands along the way.

Sara Montgomery said...

Thank you all for your comments and prayers. Please keep the prayers coming. These wonderful people need each and every prayer you can offer up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sara for sharing the beautiful pictures of such a great family! Our hearts, love, and prayers are with them. We are here to help in any way you need! The Margullis's.

Unknown said...

awsome article and drew i'm praying daily.

Gillian said...

Beautiful and so true. The pictures are amazing.