Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Transformers... more than meets the eye!

Sunday I met and photographed a new family... It was great to step into their home to be greeted by four year old Elijah yelling, "Hey Sara, I am playing transformers in here!" You would think that I had known him his whole life, but we had never met! He is a handsome little guy with a awesome personality! I LOVE this shot of Elijah with his favorite transformer....

Now, meet Evan! He is such a sweet little guy and very laid back! You can tell that his parents and his brother just adore him!

It was so much fun to finally have a day that we could be outside for photos! We made use of a great park just outside of their back yard! It is somewhere that their family spends a lot of time. I am jealous that they have such a great place to play everyday!

I am so excited for Deborah and Tony to see these! I love Evan's smile, that soft baby hair, those two tiny teeth and they joy he puts on his mommy's face.
Elijah is so sincere... he LOVES his daddy...

These two brothers are going to be such buds! They were so much fun to shoot. Thanks Elijah for sharing your transformer with me and making me feel so welcome!


Mary Ann and Al said...

Great picture. They are handsome little fellows. I love the transformer picture.

MJNguyen said...

I love these pics! The Transformer one is my favorite!

The Moore's said...

Sarah we can't thank you enough for these beautiful pictures of our children :) We love the pictures! Thank You!!! :)
~The Moore's~